Brian Ganz

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Brian Ganz, Steven Copes, and Alisa Weilerstein perform the second half of Brahms’ Op. 8 Trio in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2012. Read the article

Brian performs Chopin's Allegro de concert, Op. 46, at the Music Center at Strathmore during the 9th performance of his "Extreme Chopin" multi-year concert series. Chopin’s rarely heard Allegro de Concert is the first piece he said he'd perform in an independent Poland. But why is that? Brian thinks he may know: "For a long time I wondered about that. But having learned and performed the work, I now see that it just may be Chopin's most joyous work of absolutely unbridled celebration. How could anything less than that do justice to what he knew he would be feeling upon returning to a Poland finally set free?" Video courtesy of Jay Mallin.

Brian previews Frederic Chopin’s Mazurkas, Op. 56, where the composer calls for one section to be played “dolcissimo,” or, “as sweetly as possible” in Italian. Video courtesy of Jay Mallin.

Brian discusses the concept of musical gardening: “I show how the early works demonstrate the seeds of Chopin’s genius, and then I play a mature example of the same genre that demonstrates the full flowering of that genius,” said Brian. Video courtesy of Jay Mallin.